Corvin Castle: The Gothic Masterpiece of Transylvania in 4k

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Опубликовано: 2021-01-26
Продолжительность: 08:03
🏰 Transylvanian castles are often linked to the legend of Dracula, and Corvinilor Castle (Castelul Corvinilor) is no exception. The gothic masterpiece of Transylvania had 4 building phases across 500 years. Generations have changed the structure of a castle from a strategically enforced point to an opulent home for Iancu de Hunedoara, the voivode of Transylvania.
Traveling to Hunedoara, Romania, you will find a large and imposing structure with tall towers, an inner courtyard, colored roofs, and windows and balconies adorned with stone carvings. Corvin Castle also features a double wall for enhanced fortification and is flanked by both rectangular and circular towers, an architectural innovation in that time for Transylvanian architecture.

A brilliant military leader with equally high political ambitions, Ioan of Hunedoara who’s home this castle was, carried and won some of the most important battles against the Ottoman Empire, stopping at least for a few decades the Turkish plans to advance to Central Europe.
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⌚ Timestamps:
0:00 - Introduction to the castle
0:41 - The facade
1:51 - The interior
2:35 - Personal opinions
3:03 - The Ceremony
4:48 - Historical Facts
7:13 - About perseverance
7:25 - Outro

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