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Опубликовано: 2019-10-24
Продолжительность: 03:30
Medical V-Learning™ lecture highlighting the corneal diseases. From congenital anomalies of cornea to anomalies of corneal transparency and bacterial corneal ulcer, every detail has been taken into account for an easy understanding of the medical students. All your queries regarding the various forms of infective keratitis are well-explained in this Ophthalmology course online lecture. These forms include mycotic and hypopyon corneal ulcer and many others.
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Released: October 2019

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This online medical study lecture initially talks about the congenital anomalies of cornea. These include megalocornea and microcornea. Furthermore, our medical lecturer has well-explained the anomalies of corneal transparency for the medical students. The differential diagnosis of this cornea pathology can be made using the Ophthalmology pneumonic “STUMPED”.

Moreover, amongst the various ulcerative keratitis, bacterial corneal ulcer has been made easy to understand in this Ophthalmology course online. There can be two sources of Infections viz exogenous Infections and from ocular tissue. Being a medical student, you would also be interested in learning about corneal ulcer pathology and Pathogenesis, right? Well, we have got it all covered for you!

To make all about infective keratitis (Inflammation of cornea) known and easy to comprehend for you, this medicalV-Learning™ also highlights sloughing and hypopyon cornealulcer along with the marginal catarrhal ulcer. Moreover, mycotic corneal ulcer is also described in detail. The corneal disease symptoms for each condition are well-elaborated for the medical students.

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Ophthalmology is the clinical course in medical sciences that deals with anatomy, physiology and diseases of human eye. Ophthalmology lectures at V-Learning™ detail the patient’s examination, diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders.

To follow medical books is very important for a systematic approach to syllabus and for medical exams preparation. follows standard medical books of ophthalmology to cover whole syllabus of ophthalmology e.g. “Basic Ophthalmology Essentials for Medical Students” by Richard C. Allen.