Charmed Next Gen Pipers Dark Memories Shadow King Season s10e1(FanMade)

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Опубликовано: 2018-06-26
Продолжительность: 04:43
Welcome to season 2 of the shadow King series.
Prue, Phoebe and Paige will also have memory work to find what has been buried and forgotten. But something or someone is blocking crucial events. Mixed with these will be interactions with family and friends to reconnect.

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Now that Sanya is real, what will be in store for her. Will the source find a way to use her and of course the shadow King is making everyone doubt their own reality. What are the hell five and how is the dark Future back in play?

Music used:
EPIC POP ''Descent'' by Lawless [feat. Dawn Golden]
Carol of the Bells - Epic Music Version Christmas Songs
EPIC COVER ''Can't Get You out of My Head'' by J2 [feat. Sara Phillips]

Clips used:
fx legion
sins of silence