CGI Making of "The doll that chose to Drive" by post23 | CGMeetup

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Опубликовано: 2017-03-28
Продолжительность: 03:58
Post23 presents Audi – The Doll That Chose to Drive tvc. CREDITS:-
Director: Jordi García
Art Director: Bor Arroyo
Animation Director: Héctor Muñoz
Music: Joan Martinez Colàs
Production: Vicky Marcó, Angee Marcazzan
Editor: Jordi Castells
Character Modeller: Miguel Miranda
Animators: Pablo Iglesias, Natalia Vega
Rigger: Joan Martínez
Cloth Simulation: Jordi Garcia
Concept Artist: Luís Gaspardo
3D Artists: Xavier Santed, René Acuña, Dani Escalé, Frankie De Leonardis
Grooming: Francesco Di Luisi, Sofia Oliveira
Hair Simulation: Kristina Maevskaya
Pipeline: Salvador Olmos
Shading, Lighting and Render: Bor Arroyo
Compositing and Grading: Jordi Garcia
Music Postproduction: Dani Trujillo
Sound Design: Can Sons
Voice Recording: Idea Sonora
Creative Agency: Proximity Barcelona
Executive Creative Director: Eva Santos
Creative Director: Carles Alcon
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CGI Making of "The doll that chose to Drive" by post23 | CGMeetup