Centralia, PA - The Real Silent Hill Haunted By Aliens?

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Опубликовано: 2014-12-25
Продолжительность: 12:17
Let’s take a look at this bizarre ghost town called Centralia in Pennsylvania. In this video, I will show you smoke coming out of the ground, aerial view of an abandoned highway and weird sinkholes large enough to swallow human beings. But more importantly how this abandoned borough seems to be connected to some unusual alien and UFO activity. People from nearby cities refer to Centralia as the Real Silent Hill because the horror movie Silent Hill was inspired by this town. Centralia was once a bustling town but guess how many people live here today? 10 People! Yes, just 10 people, but 50 years ago more than 2700 residents lived happily in Centralia which had 7 churches, 5 hotels, movie theaters, a bank and several schools. So, what happened which could cause people to leave this city?
The official story is that in 1962, firefighters were hired to clean up the town landfill right next to this Odd Fellows Cemetery. The firefighters set the dump on fire as usual, but failed to extinguish it on time. This fire slowly spread underground through a hole in the rock pit and ignited the abandoned coal mines beneath Centralia. This is the reason why you are seeing smoke or steam coming out of the ground because the coal mines are still burning underneath. If you put your hand here, you can clearly feel the heat and guess how long is this fire going to burn? Experts say that it is going to burn for the next 500 to a 1000 years. The temperature increases to over 200 degrees Fahrenheit just a few inches below the ground. And you can see that when I take my camera real close, the steam coming out of the ground is gonna make my lens foggy.
Now, people complained about their health because of poisonous gases and pollution but lived here until 1981 when a dramatic incident happened. A twelve year old Todd Domboski was playing in his grandma’s backyard when the ground caved in under him and he fell into this sinkhole that was 12 feet deep. The worst part was it was 350 degrees inside and all he could breathe was carbon monoxide. Luckily, his cousin Eric Wolfgang saw his orange hat bobbing inside this hole and pulled out the half-dead boy.
This incident got national attention and the Government started to move people out of Centralia. Most people except a few families have moved out and the zip code of Centralia which was 17927 was canceled by the Postal Service in 2002. Here you can see a signage near the hilltop condemning politicians for trying to evacuate the remaining 10 residents. It reads “These residents want absolutely nothing from our government; they want to live where they choose! Please call the Governor and Senator and demand they be allowed to remain in Centralia”.
Now here is the aerial view of a deserted highway. What happened here? How can this road that stretches for a few miles be completely abandoned and is now filled with graffiti and huge cracks? This used to be the original route 61 where thousands of cars drove through every day. Huge sinkholes this started appearing randomly and officials kept repairing them as quickly as possible. However, once a piece of the road completely caved in almost burying an entire car that was passing by and authorities decided to close this road down for good. A massive fire is still burning underneath this abandoned highway. People have reported weird sounds and strange blinking lights near this roadway during night time. Today, teenagers refer to this place as the “graffiti highway” or the “Silent Hill Road”. The officials had to construct an alternate route in 1993 which you can see from this aerial view.
UFO sightings have been on a steady increase ever since most people moved out of Centralia about 30 years ago. Quite a few people who drive through Centralia have experienced strange flying objects hovering above the abandoned highway.

Another extremely weird incident happened on August 6, 2002. 20 miles away a man named Todd Sees went missing in Northumberland County. His autopsy report says that his ears, eyes and inner throat had been removed with surgical precision. His sexual organs, anal area, and parts of his intestine had also been cored out as if by an advanced suction device. What’s even worse, the autopsy report says that Todd Sees was alive when all this mutilation was going on.
Who could have done this to him? Today, we dissect smaller animals when they are alive and perform similar experiments in the name of scientific research. This is called vivisection. Who could have the capability to perform such experiments on live human beings?

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