Centralia BURNING GHOST TOWN - Abandoned Pennsylvania Town

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Опубликовано: 2019-06-23
Продолжительность: 11:35
The Centralia burning ghost town was evacuated by a raging underground mine fire that started in 1962, leaving the town completely abandoned. Today, the Centralia mine fire still rages and has been burning for over 50 years. Come with us as we explore Centralia graffiti highway, walk through this literal ghost town, and take you on an exciting adventure.
The town in central PA, aka Centralia Pennsylvania lost town, is known for it’s influence on the production of Silent Hill. Many come to this town in search of urban exploring, creepy places, and graffiti, but it’s actually a local hangout spot for families, mountain bikers, and ATV riders alike. The vibe of Centralia was definitely less creepy than we expected, but I guess “ghost town” is the right word for a reason because all the houses were knocked down by the government so that homeless persons could not inhabit the area.

Centralia is actually not completely a ghost town, as 7 residents fought to stay in the town and remain there today. The town with a population of 7 has been stripped of it’s zip code and no longer has any municipal workers to maintain the area.

Centralia graffiti highway is the main destination when visiting this area and because the Centralia mine fire is still blazing today, it is slowly corroding the highway allowing smoke to billow out of the cracks during cold winter days. Another creepy fact according to History.com is “Graves in the town’s two cemeteries are believed to have dropped into the abyss of fire that rages below them.” A 12 year old boy was also reported to have fallen into a sink hole in his backyard, nearly escaping death.

Centralia was relatively lively when we visited so I don’t know if we would call it one of the creepy places Pennsylvania has to offer. It’s most likely a lot creepier during the winter when you can see smoke coming up from the ground. Either way, we hope you guys liked this video and subscribe if you want to see more content like this! We will see you guys tomorrow, seeya!

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