Boston - Corporate America (Full Album 2002)

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Опубликовано: 2016-01-02
Продолжительность: 44:26
Corporate America is the fifth studio album by American hard rock band Boston, released in 2002. In addition to studio material, it also features a live version of "Livin' for You". The original version is from Boston's previous full-length album Walk On (1994).
The album also introduced both Anthony Cosmo and Kimberley Dahme as both band members and songwriters. This is also the last Boston album to feature lead vocalist and founding member Brad Delp during his lifetime as he would commit suicide in 2007.

The album sold 32,000 copies in its first week of release and charted at 42 on the Billboard 200. By 2013, the album had sold 139,000 copies in the US.

The final page of the album's booklet is dedicated to preserving the environment, providing web links to such organizations as PETA.

Band Members:

Tom Scholz - Lead guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums, vocals ("Turn It Off", "Didn't Mean To Fall In Love", "You Gave Up On Love")
Brad Delp - Vocals ("I Had A Good Time", "Corporate America", "Someone", "Didn't Mean To Fall In Love", "Livin' For You (Live)")
Fran Cosmo - Vocals ("Stare Out Your Window", "Corporate America", "Turn It Off", "Cryin'", "Livin' For You (Live)")
Curly Smith - Drums
Gary Pihl - Keyboards, drums
Anthony Cosmo - Guitar, vocals ("Stare Out Your Window", "Turn It Off")
Kimberley Dahme - Vocals ("Corporate America", "With You", "Turn It Off", "You Gave Up On Love")
Beth Cohen - Vocals ("You Gave Up On Love")
Charlie Farren - Vocals ("You Gave Up On Love")
David Sikes - Bass guitar

Track Listing:

1. I Had A Good Time (Vocals: Brad Delp)
2. Stare Out Your Window (Vocals: Fran Cosmo)
3. Corporate America (Vocals: Delp, Cosmo)
4. With You (Vocals: Kimberley Dahme)
5. Someone (Vocals: Delp)
6. Turn It Off (Vocals: Cosmo)
7. Cryin' (Vocals: Cosmo)
8. Didn't Mean To Fall In Love (Vocals: Delp)
9. You Gave Up On Love (Vocals: Tom Scholz, Dahme, Beth Cohen, Charlie Farren)
10. Livin' For You (Live) (Vocals: Cosmo, Delp)

Rest In Peace, Brad Delp. Godspeed, brother (June 12, 1951-March 9, 2007)