Birth of An Age - Clamavi De Profundis

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Опубликовано: 2021-04-30
Продолжительность: 03:12
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"Birth of an Age" is an original song we wrote based on the dwarves from fantasy literature. We are continuing to develop our own Dwarven legend through multiple musical compositions. We hope you enjoy it:)

We wrote the lyrics, composed, and arranged the piece. My family sang it.

Please no bad language in the comments. We want this to be family friendly:) Thank you!


Birth of an Age

Come you, lad, and join us a warrior,
We will march from home down below,
Courage up! And don now your armour,
It is time to meet with the foe.

Hear the sound emerge from the mountain,
Beat the drum, and march one by one,
Draw your steel and hold it before you,
Hammerdeep, the war has begun!

CHORUS: From the dawn of time we have stood here,
Answer now the call to engage,
In the face of evil, defiant,
Let us be the birth of an age.

Blazing up inside you a fire,
Iron heart, let the beat grow,
Element of adamant, loyal,
It is time to vanquish the foe,

Look around, remember your brothers,
Let your shield be armour for them,
Throw your spear and let it strike thunder,
Draw your axe, and do it again!


Nerve of steel, the heart of a mountain,
Stoic hand, a bundle won’t break,
Loyal rage, inside a volcano,
Stand your ground, make the earth quake. (all sing the lower melody)

Drive we out the evil before us,
Smash the skulls against the young rock,
Die in hope: eternity crowns you,
Stay your course, continue to walk…