Billy Joel - Piano Man - DRUM COVER

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Опубликовано: 2017-08-22
Продолжительность: 06:07
I owe half of the credit on this cover to Mr. Mike Lukanz of Mike Luke Drums. All I did was perform the song in MIDI format... Mike made it sound amazing! The vintage sound, along with the subtleties of a 70's record, were all conceived by him. Excellent work, my friend! I thank you for taking the time to showcase your talents and help make me look good in the process! HAHA! Seriously, Mike... you rock. Anyway, I've always considered Billy Joel one of my "Guilty Pleasures". I just love his music... and no more guilt in it for me. I own it now! If you don't already know, I rarely (if ever) play covers "note for note"... I just listen to the song, find the vibe and feel my way through it. Sometimes, the lighter touch is all the song needs... So take this trip with me back to the early 70's and get in that "New York state of mind". Cheers folks! ENJOY! \m/
Performance and video edit by: Jason Ozant
Audio mix and drum samples by: Mike Lukanz

Original Drums: Ron Tutt
From the 1973 release "Piano Man"

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