Biggest Cryptozoological Encounters

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Опубликовано: 2020-10-18
Продолжительность: 11:19
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Obviously one of the most famous mysterious animal sightings ever, the video footage of a Bigfoot sighting in the 1970s skyrocketed the enthusiasm and curiosity on Bigfoot and Cryptozoology alike. Today, Bigfoot is a pop cultural phenomenon, appearing in mainstream literature and even in Hollywood!


These are the most bizarre, peculiar and even mysterious confrontations with strange creatures that many people have come across! Prepare yourself to meet another pop cultural Icon who made it into films, animated movies, cartoons, books, newspapers and even video games! The yeti!!!
Many people, from travelers, mountaineers to locals claim to see this gigantic, bi-pedal (meaning two-legged) ape like creature! And not just in recent times, the Yeti has been around the traditional folklore and mythology of many countries around the Himalayas for centuries! Especially in Tibet, China, Bhutan, Nepal and India!


Since the time when Humans first began to explore and fare the high seas, there have been ancient records of lonely sailors seeing beautiful maidens in the middle of the ocean, during the most dangerous storms and even during shipwrecks! Many ancient Greeks, Romans and even the pirates of the middle ages have many claims that they’ve seen the most gorgeous of women, half human, and half fish, with bright and luminous colors roaming the seas!


One of the most popular mysterious encounters of the 20th century, the famous photo taken of the Loch Ness monster in 1930 was finally decided to be a “hoax”. But the case has inspired many people from both the scientific and cryptozoologist community. Some people argue that an actual creature who is similar to the mysterious beast in folklore may exist. And that creature could be a surviving species of extinct dinosaurs! More specifically, a Plesiosaur! A long necked, aquatic reptilian creature that lived more than 150 million years ago! Is it possible that something similar still lives in the deep seas and lakes? Not likely, but there are folks out there searching. If they find anything, it would be like a real-life version of Jurassic Park!


To say “Humongous” is really not doing it justice when describing Megalodon! This giant apex predator dominated the seas over 4 million years ago! However, it became extinct nearly 3.6 million years ago!
Megalodon is a giant shark species that is a distant cousin of the modern great white shark, some 18 meters long and weighing nearly 20 tons!
Although we believe that it became extinct, some records indicate that it may have existed much more recently. Even in modern times, no more than 20 years ago! After all, many millions of square miles of the ocean remain uncharted. The dark, cold depths of the sea floor stretch on forever, and there could be giant sharks still living as they have for millions of years down there.