Bigfoot Path of the Beast Official Trailer 2020 ( BIGFOOT HORROR FILM ) #Bigfoot #Sasquatch #Yeti

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Опубликовано: 2020-06-29
Продолжительность: 01:17
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Bigfoot Path of the Beast is a horror film centered on John Brandon; a struggling alcoholic who is fixated on the mysterious and elusive creature that is Bigfoot, and believes it as the reason for the sudden disappearance of his wife. When the disappearance is deemed a suicide, a frustrated and confused John vows to himself that a Bigfoot body is the key to proving that his wife’s death happened at the hands of the monsters. Drunk, obsessed, and alone, John appears as a mentally unstable and crazed widower who is hiding behind the guilt of his crime. Believing he is carrying undisputable proof of Bigfoot, John is stuck in the woods facing the consequences of his actions among the beasts. Enter Hank Whalsh, a shady and washed up ex-police officer now turned private investigator, who is hired by John’s brother in law to prove that John is in fact the reason for her disappearance. As the two paths cross, John’s “proof” comes into question, leaving John fighting for his life to prove the beasts are real, not just demons in his head.

Note: This story was influenced by the Missing 411 stories and Bigfoot folklore. A lot of the Bigfoot elements in this film were adapted from eye-witness encounters & theories common among the Bigfoot community. Within this community there is a controversy on whether to kill or not to kill, in order to prove the existence of Bigfoot. This story is written as a cautionary tale so as to not offend those against killing for proof.