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Опубликовано: 2020-12-26
Продолжительность: 1:18:34
Big Legend is a 2018 independent monster horror film released in 2018 by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. It follows an army veteran who returns to search the Pacific Northwest forest where his fiancé was taken by a legendary creature. Tyler Laird and his girlfriend Natalie embark on a camping trip that Tyler uses as the perfect setting for a marriage proposal. The newly engaged couple share a romantic night together and fall asleep, before being awoken by a slow, deliberate knock coming from within the woods. The knock persists, luring Tyler outside. While he is searching, Natalie is attacked in the tent and dragged into the forest by an unseen creature.
12 months later: Tyler is released from Cowlitz County Psych Ward where his mom picks him up and takes him home. She gives him all the police evidence recovered from the scene, including Tyler’s camera. While reviewing pictures taken on their excursion, he spots a huge shape in the background of one of the photos. With his mother’s blessing, he sets out to the forest to find answers about what took his fiancée.
He returns to the area armed with a hunting rifle and camping gear. He searches new ground and discovers signs claiming ownership by Xylon Incorporated along the perimeter saying not to enter, and also finds a massive footprint in the mud. After he stops at a creek to refill his water bottle, Tyler finds his gear is no longer where he left it. He rushes back to his truck armed only with his rifle and revolver and spends the night inside. In the early morning, his truck is attacked and a huge creature shoves a felled tree through his windows. The creature leaves when Tyler fires two shots from his revolver. Another hunter, Eli, comes to the scene attracted by the noise. He offers Tyler a spot at his camp nearby which Tyler accepts.
Eli recognizes Tyler from the news coverage of his fiancé’s disappearance. Tyler asks Eli about Xylon Inc., but Eli says he’s never seen any company employee on the land before. He takes Tyler to a spot in the woods where centuries before, the Chinook marked their own border along the trees with special bone symbols, indicating an area not to venture into. He tells Tyler of the Chinook legends about creatures in the area “not friendly to man” and reveals he is looking for what he calls “the Big Man”. Back at camp, they find a tree has been uprooted and the trunk shoved into Eli’s fire pit.
After hearing a roar in the distance, the pair ventures past the Chinook symbols. Tyler runs in the direction of the sound and falls into a small marsh-like clearing of smashed trees and decomposing carcasses. When Eli helps him up, a boulder is thrown from the trees and breaks Eli’s leg. Tyler fires off several shots and drags Eli to safety as it starts to snow. Leaving Eli with his revolver, he returns to the feeding ground to retrieve his backpack. He finds Natalie’s engagement ring in the dirt while collecting his gear, when the Beast appears. He runs from the area and back to Eli. Using his gear, he splints Eli’s leg and together they escape the Beast’s area, emerging on the other side near a river.

Several days pass, and Eli suggests Tyler leave him and save himself, but Tyler refuses. Eli sneaks off on his own when Tyler is asleep, using the rifle for support. When Tyler wakes, he follows the path Eli’s made in the snow, coming upon the broken rifle and the Beast feeding on Eli’s corpse. The Beast sees him and claws Tyler’s shoulder before he is able shoot it with his revolver, causing it to run off. He returns to camp and stitches himself up, before arming himself with his revolver and several makeshift weapons and making his way back to Eli’s camp.

Tyler sets a trap at the camp and uses Eli’s truck’s horn to lure the Beast to the campground, then engages it in a fight. He finally shoots a propane tank and throws a lit flare into the fuel causing the tank to explode while the Beast is incapacitated next to it; the Beast runs into the forest, engulfed in flames. Later, a man driving along a mountain highway sees an exhausted Tyler emerge from the trees and collapse on the road. Tyler wakes up in a hospital where a nurse is administering to him. A wheelchair bound man introduces himself as Jackson Wells and tells Tyler that he believes his Bigfoot claims because he too, has “seen monsters”. He is not convinced Tyler killed the beast, despite the extensive injuries he inflicted, and then tells Tyler he is part of a team and that he’s recruiting, then the film ends.

Kevin Makely as Tyler Laird, an 12-year army veteran
Todd A. Robinson as Eli Verunde, a poacher hunting in the off season
Summer Spiro as Natalie, Tyler's missing fiancé
Amanda Wyss as Doctor Wheeler
Lance Henriksen as Jackson Wells
Adrienne Barbeau as Rita Laird
Skotty Masgai as The Beast
Ashley Platz as Nurse Katie