Best 8 hours of deep sleep BLACK SCREEN sleep music insomnia tinnitus delta waves WHITE NOISE

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Опубликовано: 2020-10-10
Продолжительность: 8:16:33
Best 8 hours of deep sleep BLACK SCREEN sleep music insomnia tinnitus delta waves WHITE NOISE by Daniel Delevin The BLACK SCREEN COLLECTION PRESENTS one of the best videos to sleep deeply. Enjoy the powerful DELTA WAVES White Noise.
Daniel Delevin, actor, producer, screenwriter from Córdoba based in the USA. He has worked in series such as Arrayan (Canal Sur), Condesa por Amor (Univisión), John Perez (Youtube), The Incredible Adventures of a Fairy Godmother (Amazon) and in films in titles such as Colors (Berlin Film Festival nominated), After Sex (with Brendan Fraser and Kevin Bacon).

Daniel is also a recognized motivational speaker and is the author of the # 1 bestseller in 17 countries "The Power of a Dream" (Mestas Ediciones) a personal motivation book created from the success of the blog of the same name.

Since 2007 Daniel has participated in many international conferences and events, becoming a reference for his generation. Recently, and to support the Hispanic community during Covid 19, it has created the Wellness universe "SI, SOMOS INVENCIBLES by Daniel Delevin" composed of the successful and award-winning podcast with the same name, (available for free on all digital platforms) in addition to a blog and this new youtube channel. All this has become one of the revelations in the networks of this 2020.
Created by Daniel Delevin
Producers, Daniel Delevin, Biel Fuster and Eva Suarez "La Musa"

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