BEDLAM New Season Trailer Oct 6 BBC America

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Опубликовано: 2012-09-24
Продолжительность: 00:30
"You saw something, didn't you?"
Don't miss a haunted new season of BEDLAM, presented by BBC America's Supernatural Saturday, *** Premiering Saturday Oct 6 at 9/8c *** only on BBC America.

Bedlam Heights is one address in London where people are just dying to get in... But the curse continues to rage at the stylish apartment building with a sordid past, as the residence's restless spirits continue to wreak havoc on unsuspecting new inhabitants.

This season, the place tainted by abuse, suffering and death has a new medium. Ellie (LACEY TURNER, EastEnders, Being Human) is on the brink of losing her home, fiancé and career as an EMT. After months of seeing haunting visions of the dead walking amongst the living, she heads to Bedlam Heights to seek out a former hospital patient who was treated for similar visions. But Ellie has no idea the unimaginable horrors buried under the luxury apartments with beautiful decor and seemingly blissful tenants.

After arriving at Bedlam Heights -- newly renamed 'Brightmoor' -- Ellie meets resident bartender, Max (JACK ROTH, Great Expectations), who reveals the patient she's seeking died six months prior -- exactly the time her visions began. Max, an amateur ghost-hunting blogger, is thrilled to discover Ellie can see spirits and soon becomes the only person she can turn to for help in figuring out just what is happening to her.

Meanwhile, as the owner of Bedlam Heights, Warren (HUGO SPEER, The Full Monty), attempts to gloss over the complex's past troubles with sexy and self-assured new sales manager Dan (NIKESH PATEL), his daughter Kate (CHARLOTTE SALT, The Tudors) decides she can't stand by and watch any longer. She knows all too well the horrors that fester beneath the surface after discovering the building's demons first-hand.

As the asylum's dark past continues to terrorize residents, they soon realize whatever is waiting for them in the depths of Bedlam Heights, is worse than anything they could have ever imagined.
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