Battle of the Planets (English) S01E37 Raid on Riga

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Опубликовано: 2018-09-02
Продолжительность: 24:04
Raid on Riga S01E37 Riga is attacked by Spectra and Chief Anderson is not sure how to defend against Spectra's new weapon, making the team wait. G-Force grows impatient and rushes off to Riga without any planning or orders. They are badly defeated and have to be rescued by Colonel Cronos. The Team is sent back to Earth, where it becomes apparent that Mark has lost his confidence. Cronos tests Mark's confidence by challenging his nerve while flying. Mark fails, but a little later, while talking with others, he comes up with a plan to defeat Zoltar's Mecha. G-Force flies back to Riga and engages the Spectran mecha in a fight.For more adventures, subscribe at
I hope these videos inspire you to get out your GI Joes and Cobras and play with them.

Air Date:6/11/79
Alan Young voice of Keyop
Ronnie Schell voice of Jason
Janet Waldo voice of Princess
Casey Kasem voice of Mark
Keye Luke voice of Zoltar
Alan Dinehart voice of Tiny

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