Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Trailer #2 (Reactions Mashup)

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Опубликовано: 2015-12-04
Продолжительность: 03:29
A sample of individuals reacting to the second official trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justic No requests, please. NOTE: I did not autogate the audio this time. ###########
### FAQ ###

### (Q1) Would you do a reaction mashup of...?

(A1) Sorry but I do not take requests because either:
(1) this hobby will become a chore and thus boring for me,
(2) I might get spoiled on something I haven't watched yet,
(3) the comments sections of my videos get filled with posts which have nothing to do with the mashup on that page,
(4) when people make requests they don't provide a playlist of their favouite reactions as a starting point, or indicate in any way which reaction videos they had in mind, and/or
(5) the person making the request doesn't realise that there aren't enough reactions of what they're requesting (and in most cases they haven't even looked at any reactions at all)
(6) people get angry at me and leave mean comments because the resulting mashup isn't as good as they had thought it would be.
### (Q2) Would you include my reaction in your next mashup?

(A2) Sorry, the answer is no because:
(1) I like to decide who makes it into my mashups,
(2) there is only so much space available in a mashup resulting in someone being disappointed or annoyed at me if they don't make it in,
(3) I only have a limited amount of free time to make these and so I'd rather not have to keep a list of who I "must" include.
### (Q3) How do you deal with copyright so that you can monetise your videos?

(A3) I don't, really. I think there's only three videos in total as of January 2015 which I have monetised. All of the other videos I have uploaded have copyright claims on them and therefore all advertising revenue goes to the copyright holders, I don't get a single penny from them. Although there is a valid argument to be made that the vast majority of my mashups fall under "fair use" and "criticism", as well as the mashup as a whole being a "transformative" work, it would be a long drawn out process to revoke the copyright claim and I just can't be bothered to go through it.
### (Q4) Is youtube your main job?

(A4) lol, no. I have a full time job, this is just a hobby for me to do on a Sunday morning. Almost all of my mashups have copyright claims on them so any advertising revenue goes straight to the copyright holders, I make virtually nothing from these. This really is just for fun. Even if I could make enough money from youtube, I wouldn't want it as my job, I love my current type of work way too much.
### (Q5) Who are the people in the mashup?
### (Q6) What music is playing out over the outro?

(A6) It's "The Poisoned Princess" from the youtube audio library.