Backdraft (5/11) Movie CLIP - Fire Is a Living Thing (1991) HD

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Опубликовано: 2011-06-18
Продолжительность: 02:37
CLIP DESCRIPTION: Shadow (Robert De Niro) shows Brian (William Baldwin) the ropes and teaches him all about the life of a fire.

The sons of a Chicago fireman who gave his life in the performance of his duties, firefighting brothers Kurt Russell and William Baldwin carry their lifelong sibling rivalry into their work. Russell is convinced that Baldwin hasn't got what it takes to remain in the fire department. Baldwin is transferred to a "safe" assignment, assisting arson investigator Robert DeNiro, who is trying to make sense of a series of fires involving an oxygen-induced ball of fire called a backdraft. The investigation reveals a link between corrupt alderman J. T. Walsh and imprisoned pyromaniac Donald Sutherland. The trail of evidence leads Baldwin to suspect that his brother Russell, a much-decorated hero, may be the "inside" man setting up the arsons.

TM & © Universal (1991)
Cast: William Baldwin, Robert De Niro
Director: Ron Howard
Producers: Raffaella De Laurentiis, Pen Densham, Larry DeWaay, Brian Grazer, Todd Hallowell, Richard Barton Lewis, John Watson
Screenwriter: Gregory Widen

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