Ancient Egyptian Granite Sawing Technology: reconstruction

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Опубликовано: 2020-07-07
Продолжительность: 04:32
The experimentalist Nikolay Vasiutin attempts to cut a piece of granite using ancient Egyptian methods: utilizing a copper saw with an abrasive agent (corundum). The stone cutting experiment was conducted for portal.
Granite, a Copper Saw, and Abrasive Material Principles of Loose Abrasive Sawing.
- Copper strip length: 22 cm
- Granite piece thickness: 17 mm
- Cut Length: 48 cm
- Cut Width (max): ~6mm
- Total time taken: 3.5 hours
- Extracted granite weight: 46g (3012-2966=46)
- Granite volume: 17,03 cm3
- Copper material wear: 23 gr. (229-206=23)
- Copper volume: 2.58 cm3

- Nikolay Vasiutin
- Aleksandr Sokolov (editor of ANTROPOGENEZ.RU)
- Valeriy Senmuth @Валерий Senmuth
- Oleg Krugliakov
- Yekaterina Shutova
- Translation and voiceover: Eduard Trofimov

The original premier took place on 10.06.17 @ Moscow, as a part of "Scientists against Myths 4" educational forum.
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