Alphabet Lore (A-Z...)

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Опубликовано: 2022-08-19
Продолжительность: 15:41
Here's A-Z(...) of my Alphabet Series! This started as a simple "try to animate one thing per day" exercise and got wayyy out of hand. Thanks so much for all your support! MUSIC

(LMNOP Transformation music):
"Cheerful Happy Anime Song J Pop Instrumental by TakMusic
(CAB AvenGers theme):
"Superhero Theme" by Orchestralis
(F Cave theme):
"Creepy Fantasy" by Orchestralis
(F with Wings/N Faces his Fears):
"Epic Dark Fantasy Battle" by Orchestralis
(F's Evil theme):
"Apocalyptic World" by AllenGrey
"Cinematic Sad Cello" by Orchestralis
(Sad ABC Song)
"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - 2:55S by Red_Racoon_Music
A 0:00
B 0:03
C 0:07
D 0:11
E 0:18
F 0:24
G 0:42
H 1:10
i 1:17
J 1:26
K 1:31
L 1:53
M 2:10
N 2:25
O 2:42
P 3:09
Q 3:31
R 3:56
S 4:35
T 5:00
U 5:16
V 7:06
W 7:59
X 8:55
Y 9:38
n 12:09
Z 15:24

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