Aliens Reaction a Sci Fi Feature Film directed by Ali Pourahmad - Space/Alien/Universe/VFX

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Опубликовано: 2020-12-15
Продолжительность: 12:38
This movie will be released soon to watch on this channel! Part 22 from my sci fi Feature Film " Aliens Reaction "

Please read the director's note at the end of the description!

▪ Movie: Aliens Reaction
▪ Genre: science fiction
▪ Version: Feature film
▪ Running time: 120 Minutes
▪ Release date: In progress
▪ Director and writer: Ali Pourahmad
▪ Producers: Ali Pourahmad, Caitlin Burt, David Jon Foster
▪ First assistant director: Caitlin Burt
▪ Second assistant director:David Jon Foster
▪ Music by: Marc Timón
▪ Film editor: Ali Pourahmad
▪ Camera operator: Shane Maus
▪ Background sound effects: Ali Pourahmad
▪ Visual effects, animation & compositor : Ali Pourahmad
▪ Sound technician and location manager: Christopher Willson
▪ Casting directors: Caitlin Burt, David Jon Foster

▪ The main cast
⚫Caitlin Burt
⚫David Jon Foster
⚫Rob Winkworth
⚫Michael David Marshall
⚫Hani Bay
⚫Julian Amberg
⚫Shane Maus
⚫Robert Reimers
⚫Grid Margraf
⚫Christopher Willson
⚫Jeremy E.Jones
⚫Eugene Magana
⚫Janine Monteith

▪ IMDb page:
▪ Production companies.: Hundred Studio productions(HSP) and AbstractorStudios

⚫ Director Note;
At first, I started this sci-fi Feature Film with the intention of making just a two-minute video but with the kind support from Caitlin Burt, I decided to turn it into a Feature Film. I directed this movie remotely but able to have effective cooperation with my team relying on creative coordination from assistant director Caitlin Burt and David Jon Foster who were serious about this project as were our amazing team. We made 90% of this movie on the blue and green screen relying on Caitlin Burt skill at coordinating and aligning my requests remotely as well as my long knowledge of animation and visual effects which was hard work and costly on such a scale but I did it alone. I made this movie with the least budget and without a doubt, I could have made this sci-fi feature film much better with high world-class standards if I were in the filming location(America), having professional filmmaking equipment and more budget because I spent only 40% of my ability on this movie due to many restrictions to do a professional job in my place.
⚫ YouTube is blocked in my place due the rules here, so access to it is not easy at any time and I apologize for not being able to follow the comments to respond to them.

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