ABANDONED CREEPY GHOST TOWN Full Of Stuff In The Middle Of Nowhere

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Опубликовано: 2015-08-16
Продолжительность: 07:58
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We found this spooky / creepy abandoned ghost town full of stuff in the middle of nowhere Nevada, hidden and tucked deep into a canyon.

This place looked like someone had been living there within the last 10 years, but we found no trace of life. But the flies were everywhere! I can't tell you where the flies were coming from, but they were a not a welcome addition to the strange feeling of being watched.

The last thing you want to run into out here is some strange, irate squatter. There is no help coming if you get into trouble out here. Police would probably take an hour or more to reach the area, and that is if you can get into contact with the police as you have no cell reception at this location.

This place is at least 100 miles from the nearest city. We had to hike after we reached the end of the road. The remote location has kept away the scum bag vandals and thieves.

In order to preserve this site, we will not reveal its location unless you are a trusted member of ExploreForums.com This will keep the site safe from looters and vandals. You can become a trusted member by joining the free forums and becoming a quality member. We are all people who enjoy exploring old historic sites and abandoned places.

The site is most likely still actively mined on occasion. I can see it must still be maintained to some degree by someone. Not sure who, but most likely the claim owner. Unless it's been recently abandoned, I believe it's still worked on a yearly basis due to the condition of the buildings.

The newest dated material was from around 1989 or so. This was a real find and we rarely find places as good as this one.

The newer buildings are most likely illegal as they are on National Forest Public Land, but I will not be alerting anyone as I would hate to see them torn down by the National Forest Service.

We never remove or take anything from these sites. We like to explore and document them for historical purposes. In addition, we love to explore the outdoors.
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