60s Forgotten Things Vol. 4 - Just Garage! (60S GARAGE COMPILATION)

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Опубликовано: 2021-01-22
Продолжительность: 38:19
An INCREDIBLE collection of UNCOMPILED MATERIAL !!! This compilation is made for internet and doesn’t exist physically.

On cover: The Mirage (69th on discogs!!!)


A1 The Confederate Music Corps – The God Of Love 0:00
A2 Mouse (& The Traps) – All For You 2:19
A3 Angelo’s Angels – New Dog 5:02
A4 The Stonefields – Morning Hour 7:31
A5 The Finestuff – I Want You 12:05
A6 Neal Ford & The Fanatics – Brand New Girl 14:33
A7 Tom Thumb & The Casuals – Movin’ On 17:16
A8 Tyme – Cry For The Trees 19:44

B1 Blues Magoos – Gotta Get Away 21:56
B2 Danny & The Seniors – Oh Devil 24:30
B3 The Four Of Us – Iga Diga Doo 26:45
B4 The Train – You Make Me Feel Alright 28:45
B5 The Inspirations – Baby Please Come Home 30:46
B6 The Disciples – (It’s) Over 33:15
B7 The Dimensions – Mary Lou 36:06

Hey, people! Glad to see you again! What do we have here this time? A real KILLER selection, for sure! I won’t present the well-known Blues Magoos, for sure, neither Mouse & The Traps nor Neal Ford. Let see the buried treasures: the first track is a nice sub-mixed song with a monster organ, but far inferior to The Inspirations’ one! I really love ‘Baby Please Come Home’, really peaceful! We also have the wonderful 4,30' ‘Morning Hour’, coming straight from Canada, as far as I know. ‘(It’s) Over’ and ‘Mary Lou’ are more groovy tunes, but really good too! By the way ‘Mary Lou’ is a cover of a Doo-Wop classic. I also heard another horrible version renamed ‘Miss Galore’! Here is also the desperate B-side of Tyme’s Land Of 1 000 Dance (BFTG#7) and the B-side of the first track of the first Vol. of this series! (just for the joke, it’s really funny stuff). We can also listen to a released version of The Thorns’ ‘I Want You’ (Unissued 60’s Garage Acetates Vol. 1) by the Finestuff. Don’t know who did the song first, but this one is great too! We can mention this pioneer song from 1964 called ‘New Dog’ and this hard-psych ‘You Make Me Feel Alright’ that beats!!! I forgot one, maybe, but it’s not really important. Have a good listening!