60s Forgotten Things Vol. 3 - The Punk Part Two ! (60S GARAGE COMPILATION)

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Опубликовано: 2020-02-27
Продолжительность: 38:28
An INCREDIBLE collection of UNCOMPILED MATERIAL !!! This compilation is made for internet and doesn’t exist physically.


Hey, people! Let me tell ya ‘bout that INCREDIBLE volume. There’s some kind of famous names, here. Like the Huns (again, that’s my favorite song), or the Travel Agency (‘Jailbait’ on BFTG #7!) and The Buchmen (‘I Need Your Lovin’ on Total Raunch comp) but more like the Liberty Bell (see their marvelous ‘I Can See’) and The Zakary Thaks,(‘Bad Girl’) with here their last long lost acetate! There is The Monacles (‘I Can Win’ on BFTG) too, with a strange reggae/punk track called ‘Debbie’. Search to the sleeve, their faces are funny (I’m not insulting them). Less known, but how much more better, this incredible song by Those Five on PARIS TOWER label! Then, two pretty girl songs by the Blades, and a cool stomper by the Jerms. And, obviously, the really killer ‘Gone Away’ by the Unlimited (aka The Royal Flairs : ‘Suicide’ on BFTG too!) and the first track by Johnny Holliday. Then, here come covers, with the weirdest version of ‘Hold On I’m Coming’ and a cover of Easybeats’ ‘(Gonna Have A) Good Time’, renamed ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Music’ and without one reference of originals players! It's a robbery! And lastly, the garagest instrumental of the decade by Me & Them Guys (‘I Loved Her So’ on BFTG), the song that made me like instrumentals!
Have a good listening!!!!


A1 Those Five – Sidewalks 0:00
A2 The Blades – Moving Out 2:22
A3 The Bobbies – (She) Put Me Down - Part #2 4:50
A4 The Huns – I’ve Got You On My Mind 7:46
A5 The Blades – I’ll Shead No Tear 9:56
A6 The London Tyme – Rock ‘n’ Roll Music 12:34
A7 The Jerms – Good Feelin’ Yea 15:21
A8 The Liberty Bell – Big Boss Man 18:29

B1 The Unlimited – Gone Away 21:00
B2 The Zakary Thaks – She’s Got You 22:56
B3 The Monacles – Debbie 25:15
B4 The Travel Agency – Hard Times 28:06
B5 The Pied Pipers – Hold On I’m Comin’ 30:23
B6 Johnny Holliday – I’m Not Gonna Cry Any More 32:27
B7 The Bushmen – You’re The One 35:00
B8 Me & Them Guys – Something Else 37:14