60s Forgotten Things Vol. 2 - The Psych ! (60S GARAGE COMPILATION)

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Опубликовано: 2020-02-15
Продолжительность: 39:40
An INCREDIBLE collection of UNCOMPILED MATERIAL !!! This compilation is made for internet and doesn’t exist physically.



A1 The Raunch – A Little While Back 0:00
A2 The Great Scots – The Light Hurts My Eyes 2:44
A3 Things To Come – Good Day 5:09
A4 The Impact Express – A Little Love 6:58
A5 The Savoy’s – Work It Out 9:44
A6 Silk Winged Alliance – What A Man Can Really Be 12:15
A7 Ty Wagner – Misery Train 14:57
A8 Inner Thoughts – Smokestack Lightning 17:32

B1 The Heard – Poppies 20:36
B2 A440 – Santa Klaus Is Coming, yeah! 23:09
B3 The Early Americans – It’s So Cold Outside 24:56
B4 The W.C. Fields Memorial Electric String Band – Don’t Lose The Girl 27:37
B5 The Inn Crowd – Run Clarence Run 29:57
B6 The Kids – Jordan Land 32:27
B7 The Liberty Bells – Look For Tomorrow 35:17
B8 The Kids – False Illusions 37:18

On cover: Molly Maguires

Intro :
Well... It seems like I’m back. SO COME ON, boys and girls!!! And just a thing before start, a few of these songs may be on some Cavemen78 comp. But it isn’t on Discogs, and I didn’t find the time to dig in the I'm Losing Tonight!’ 57 VOLUMES!!! (I’m surprised at that, but I’ve already done 6 volumes of 60’s Forgotten Things myself, and I still have enough to make four more). But trève de plaisanteries, let’s play loud, cause I found some little gold bullion.
A1 THE RAUNCH – A Little While Back.
Bazaar – 10-001, 1966, Ossining NY.

SO! There is a raw fuzzy one! Pretty cool. The band formed in 1965 in Ossining NY. They recorded one 7” that is all songs they wrote. They put a cover of Paul Revere & the raiders on the mythic Battle Of Band LP on Ren-Vell records. They recorded for the same occasion a cover of Hey Joe, and the punk version of Tobacco Road. They disbanded in 1967. The band has been reissued on the very good Break-A-Way label.

(to be continued...)