60s Forgotten Things Vol. 1 - The Punk ! (60S GARAGE COMPILATION)

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Опубликовано: 2019-08-24
Продолжительность: 40:40
An INCREDIBLE collection of UNCOMPILED MATERIAL !!! This compilation is made for internet and doesn’t exist physically.



A1 The Four Of Us – I Don’t Need No One 0:00
A2 The Saharas – I’m Free 2:44
A3 The Sparkles – Daddy Gonna’ Put The Hurt On You 5:10
A4 The Huns – Long Way Around 7:34
A5 The VI Pak – Love My Babe 9:41
A6 The Vikings – I Need Your Lovin’ 12:17
A7 The Bobbies – (She) Put Me Down Part #1 15:19
A8 The Bag – Face It 18:08

B1 The Argyles – Turn On Your Love Light 20:30
B2 Society’s Children – Slippin’ Away 23:46
B3 The Hi-Boys – So Good 26:14
B4 The Grodes – She’s Got What It Takes 28:28
B5 The Checkmates - Cindy 31:00
B6 The Shades Of Depression – I’m A Fool 33:17
B7 The Dartells – Clap Your Hands 36:12
B8 The Squires - Pieces 38:28

Intro :
HI FOLKS ! I don’t remember how that idea came in my neurotic spirit, but if I’m sure of something, it’s that I collected 124 UNCOMPILED TRACKS in THREE DAYS!!! But, guys, how hard it was! My technique was simple: find a track that EVERYBODY knows (except a few silly ignorant) and explore all his label, and all the bands of the label, and ALL THE LABELS OF ALL THE BANDS OF THE LABEL, and far, far away from that sometimes. My nights were short. But anyway, cause I found MARVELLOUS unknown songs that have never been on the less findable of the most obscure CAVESTONE compilation (hi, man!). YAS! Even on a 42 volumes series, there are stuff missing! Even on the Garage Tapes Blog TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-NINE volumes (I "stole" you a few song, man, I’m sorry! And you are TOTALY CRAZY, good job!), there’s tracks that aren’t findable on a compilation. So, it was my job to plug this last small hole on the 60’s US garage history. I drew and made myself the cover. All pictures and all songs are the property of their owners and I DON’T MAKE A DIME FROM THIS. Now, boys and girls, let’s enjoy and damage your ears !

PS: TO THE MEMORY OF MOXIE RECORDS and... I’m a great fan of Tim Warren, am I?
A1 THE FOUR OF US – I Don’t Need No One
Brunswick – 55288, Jan 1966, NY.

I know nothing about us, but they are probably from Queens, NY. They record only one release on the magnificent BRUNSWICK label. The B-Side is pretty cool too, maybe I will use of it. It’s say on Rateyourmusic that the band were first named “The Exterminators” and made a release on Chancellor (Philadelphia) a 7” in 1963 (CHC 1148). I heard the A-Side, a instrumental named “The Beetle Bomb”, and on the 15 first seconds, they seems to fuck with the Beatles’ face ! (Search it, it’s incredible.) After our 1966 release, they became “The Goode” and did a 7” on UNI (beautiful too) Record in 1967 (UNI 55033). I haven’t hear that. When I found out that it wasn’t on a compilation, I shouted and my daddy told me to shut up (yas, I am 18. Are you surprised?).

Fenton – 2016, Jan 1966, Michigan.

YAS! A FENTON SINGLE THAT ISN’T ON THE “SCEAM LOUD: THE FENTON STORY”! (Maybe you’ll think that there’s nothing surprising about that. As you like.) The Saharas were from Lansing, Michigan. A funny band, who did 3 releases between ‘64 and ‘66, including 2 on the United Label (Michigan), which only did another 7”: the Jujus’ single “Do you understand me” (so it’s not that bad). I said “funny” cause their last single contains a Buddy Holly parody titled “Debbie” (it’s funny to hear, and they changed their name to Ron Shannon And The Saharas). Here, we got a nice song with INCREDIBLE bells.

A3 THE SPARKLES – Daddy Gonna’ Put The Hurt On You
Hickory Records 45-1390, May 1966, Nashville, Tennessee

A band from Levelland, TX, but no needing to present them, see the NUGGETS booklet. Here’s a single, out one year before their incredible “No Friend Of Mine” or their marvelous “Hipsville 29 B.C. (I Need Help)”. And that song is A BIG SHIT next to this ! So, FORGET THESES SONGS and APRECIATE as it was their only release (I’m actually joking, don’t worry.) So, a little record, but really cool!

The rest in the commentarys because it's TOO LONG.