40-100 Hz Gamma Binaural Beats at 183.58 Hz Jupiters Orbit Frequency

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Опубликовано: 2016-12-23
Продолжительность: 41:15
Base frequency of 183.58 Hz (Jupiter: growth, success, justice, spirituality; frequency associated with the orbit of Jupiter. (Note=F#) Effects : supports creative power and continuous construction. Associated with Jupiter : Generosity, Continuity, Magnanimity, Joviality.
Gamma Binaural Beats from 0:00 40 Hz, 4:00 45 Hz, 8:00 55 Hz, 12:00 63 Hz, 16:00 70 Hz, 20:00 80 Hz, 24:00 83 Hz, 28:00 90 Hz, 32:00 95 Hz and 36:00 100 Hz.

Gamma - associated with information-rich task processing & high-level information processing [NEU]; "'For scientists who study the human brain, even its simplest act of perception is an event of astonishing intricacy. 40 Hz brain activity may be a kind of binding mechanism', said Dr. Rodolfo Llinas a professor of neuroscience at New York University. Llinas believes that the 40-cycle-per-second wave serves to connect structures in the cortex where advanced information processing occurs, and the thalamus, a lower brain region where complex relay & integrative functions are carried out."