280 Dave Paulides - Missing 411 The Hunted - Missing Hunters, the Unexplained - The Movie

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Опубликовано: 2019-07-14
Продолжительность: 52:19
Dave Paulides returns, this time with a new movie called Missing 411 The Hunted. An expansion of his book Missing 411, Hunters Unexplained Disappearances focuses on 5 cases all involving a seemingly capable hunter. The movie explores further details of the cases and dives deep in explanation using maps, visits to the terrain, expert critics, and interviews with those directly involved or affected. You will leave with far more questions than answers. The events showcased in Dave's movie defy logic. Link to Dave's Movie: CLICK HERE


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Strangest of the Strange The Movie No Bullshit, Mutual Respect Placed in My Lap by Park Rangers The Clusters, The Pins Middle of the US, No Cases Within 200 Miles of a Large Body of Water K9 Dogs and No Scent Pro Trackers, No Tracks A Weather Event Hunter's Subset 1200 Missing Persons Picking the Cases for the Movie Hunter Safety, Three Shots The Gaps and the Maps Excluding Mississippi Foolish to Not Carry a Beacon Breaking a Fibula, It'll Never Happen to Me Safety Points to Remember, A Whistle, Tell People Watch the Weather Les Stroud, Survivalman, Let's Make a Movie No Serial Killer Aaron Hedges, Santa Fe Cluster Chapter 4, Donnell Vista Yosemite, The Largest Cluster of Missing Boulders and Granite Fields Chapter 5, Lima Ohio, The Big Buck State Optical Physicist, An Odd Picture Thomas Messick Case at Lily Pond Standers and Pushers on a Deer Drive Hearing a Giant Steel Trap Shut Blind, Deaf, and a Stump FBI Does Investigate Missing Persons No Answers Adirondack Missing Persons Cluster CanAm Missing Project

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