2020 Branson Show - The Petersens (LIVE)

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Опубликовано: 2021-08-20
Продолжительность: 1:19:21
Our full 2020 Branson show at the Little Opry Theatre, filmed live on August 11, 2020. We streamed this show in the fall of 2020 and then kept it online for our Patreon community for a year, but now we would love to share it with the rest of our YouTube family! This is especially for our international friends who are still unable to travel and see us live.
It was a super special show as it was our last one with Julianne before she left for college for the rest of the semester. It is around 80 minutes long and includes a fun question and answer segment from the audience.
0:00 Branson's number one rated show
0:12 Shenandoah [Katie]
4:01 Hoot and holler for the solos
5:10 Amarillo by Morning [Matt]
9:00 Ellen broke all the banjo player stereotypes
9:48 Jolene [Ellen]
14:03 Excited for Julianne, one of us finally got out of here
16:07 No Roots [Julianne]
19:43 Matt's entire fan club came to the show today
20:31 Blue [Ellen]
25:16 So grateful Emmett and Randy joined our group
25:55 Red Headed Stranger [Emmett]
30:50 Matt's turned into Katie's personal bodyguard
32:11 The Ring Song [Katie original]
34:57 We started practicing all the time & lost all our friends
36:54 Gentle On My Mind [Julianne]
40:48 Hope y'all enjoy this next one, it's really depressing
41:20 Sometimes life doesn't go as you expect it to go
41:54 California [Katie original]
46:53 Writing It's Over
47:17 It's Over [Ellen & Katie original]
51:00 Grey Wolf Pass instrumental [Emmett original]
55:37 A thank you to y'all who have served
56:39 Sweet Beulah Land [Ellen]
59:50 A meet 'n greet on stage and chocolates for Julianne
1:01:03 How we got started with our instruments
1:02:16 Julianne's been a huge part of getting us on YouTube
1:03:43 Katie's first fiddle boot camp, and the best corn dog
1:04:40 We have a few CDs, with more to come
1:05:27 Julianne will still be involved when she goes to college
1:06:18 Branson brings music back to a community feel
1:07:37 You're Still The One [Ellen]
1:11:28 Dad and Matt are from West Virginia
1:11:46 Take Me Home, Country Roads [Katie]
1:14:30 Thank yous, and how you can support our family
1:16:05 Rocky Top, the Tennessee state anthem [Ellen]
1:18:56 Let's hear it for The Petersens
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►This video:
Vocals and Dobro: Emmett Franz
Vocals and Fiddle: @Katie Petersen
Vocals and Banjo: @Ellen Haygood
Vocals and Guitar: @Matt Petersen
Vocals and Mandolin: @Julianne
Bass: Karen Petersen

Thanks to Randy Franz and Troy Dixon for lighting and audio, and Aaron Clark and team for the videography.
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