2018 Murder Interrogation: Lee Rodarte | Chef murders co-worker/lover

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Опубликовано: 2018-04-24
Продолжительность: 1:39:09
The following interrogation footage was recently released (Feb, 2018) but also edited by The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. Despite a few videos being circulated right now as "FULL", the full footage has NOT yet been released to the public (as of today 4/24/18). I made notes in the video "edited" at the parts that were edited out. Also, the original video released is over 4 hours long, however, there is a lot of downtime in the video (Rodarte sitting by himself in the interrogation room or not in the room at all), so I edited those parts out myself, you will see an hourglass at those parts. However, the last half hour of the interview, after he confesses to the murder of Gold, Rodarte is by himself and can be seen crying and talking to himself, I decided to leave that footage in.

Rodarte's trial is coming up soon. As soon as the full interrogation and confession footage is released to the public, I will upload it in my usual format with details of the case and crime scene photos/video, surveillance footage, evidence, etc..

Unfortunately, the actual confession part of this interrogation is one of the parts that was edited out by the Sheriffs office, so you may want to wait until I get my hands on the full interrogation and upload it. Personally, I think this is still a good watch though, the female detective gets very emotional, its kinda intense. Plus I wanted to give you guys something new.

The crime:
Jacksonville, Florida, August, 2017 - Lee Rodarte, 28, and Savvanah Gold, 21, were on-off boyfriend and girlfriend that worked together at the Bonefish Grill in Jacksonville. Surveillance footage shows Gold was last seen alive entering Rodarte's car and what appeared to be a struggle within the car and finally Rodarte driving away. Gold never exited the vehicle and was not seen again for three days.

Three days after Gold's disappearance, Rodarte was interviewed by police and at first, he denied having knowledge of her whereabouts, but with evidence presented to him he cracks and admits to murdering Gold and dumping her body in a pond.

Police divers found the burned body of Savvanah Gold, 21, in a Westside pond. The medical examiner could not pinpoint the cause of Gold's death, but called it a "violent homicide" and she had second-degree and third-degree burns over 75 percent of her body. Rodarte was arrested and charged with murder and is currently awaiting trial.

Sources and credit:
The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office
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