15 EXTREME Wild Animal Fights

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Опубликовано: 2021-05-05
Продолжительность: 09:34
15 EXTREME Wild Animal Fights. \r
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The jungle screams of survival by any means. In fact, the underdogs are taking revenge on the captors that have held them down for way too long. The battle is fierce, and there are no rules!
Stay tuned as I take you through the 15 extreme wild animal fights.

15. Alligator vs. Python

The muddy waters of the Florida swamp have experienced a fair share of blood baths, even from unexpected places. It didn't expect a fight as bewildering as this one. In this clip, we see a territorial Python take on a beady-eyed alligator with one flick of his tongue. If only these creatures had the opportunity to speak, we would have known what was going through their minds as they took each other on. Who provoked who? Did they bear this grudge for so long and wanted to settle it once and for all? Whatever is the case, we give our verdict on the combat. The alligator seemed to control the fight initially, but he dashed off after he was sure he would be overpowered. He probably went home to think about a perfect comeback.
14. Mongoose vs. Cobra

So, this venomous cobra was having her time with a prey it just caught when this Mongoose tried to play the role of an angel. It thought to rescue the animal in danger, but the cobra didn't find the nerve funny. It leaves me wondering how compassionate animals are that they can go to any length to protect the weak. Just so you know, Mongoose prey on snakes, especially cobras but in this scenario, something different played out. The animal you thought would win lost, but the Mongoose would certainly live to fight another day. It was heartwarming for the squirrel to watch and see how her lover defended her. The next time there's a clash, it is easy to guess who the next winner will be.
13. Baboon vs. Crocodile

No mother would sit and watch her baby in danger and do nothing. They even go as far as risking their lives for the safety of their children. Animals do it even better. In this fight, a baboon tries to rescue her baby from a bloodthirsty crocodile. These sea creatures are unapologetic when it comes to hunting their prey. It got the wrong one this time. The baboon quickly dashed off to save her child, and guess what? She won over the crocodile, but it wasn't a smooth victory. She lost her baby in the battle. The watering hole became filled with blood-soaked tears and regrets.
12. Cat vs. Cat

Who would have thought that outfoxing cats were for the birds? This clip shows how a clever crow managed to pull a fast one on two feline creatures. It convinced them not to eat him but fight each other instead. Who does that? Only the bird, of course. Anyone who has been roped into a fight or argument with a friend can relate to this one. One random stranger tells you lies about your friend and does the same to the other party. The next time there's a meeting, the information leads into an argument or a fight, and the person watches from a distance. Well, the crow is the crowd-pleaser here, and you don't need to purchase tickets to watch how everything panned out because it happened right at the rooftop.
11. Sloth vs. Eagle

After seeing this video, you'll probably have another perspective on the idea of moving like a sloth. We see a sloth moving like a boss, unlike what we thought of them. I hope they forgive us for having a faulty misconception of their style. As it moves past the harpy eagle, it knocks it out with ease. Such audacity! The eagle is as shocked when the assailant's claws brush against his chest, but he dares not protest for fear of repercussions. The next time you see this creature, give them space because they have proven that slow and steady remains the deadliest combination in the animal kingdom.
10. Iguana Multiple snakes

This sounds like one of those popular ambushes during World War I. Why would dozens of snakes go after one seemingly innocent Iguana? Again, we can't hear these animals speak, so we don't know what had transpired to necessitate the rage. The high-speed police chase was targeted at a lonely Iguana who manages to escape in a swift twist. The camera angle and kung-fu kicks make it seem like the Iguana is even kicking his predators on their head as he scampers for safety. He knows he's no match for them; therefore, he runs for his life while doing what he can.