15 Biggest Fish Ever Caught

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Опубликовано: 2018-06-01
Продолжительность: 12:47
What was the biggest freshwater fish ever caught with a line and rod? … Chances are it was this critter. In 2015, a TV personality managed to create an exciting episode when he reeled in a stingray that measured 14 feet long, 8 feet wide ... and weighed some 800 pounds! Jeff Corwin, a TV nature conservationist from the US, caught the huge flat fish on the Mae Klong (may klong) River in Thailand. Corwin said it took several hours, with many of the crew rotating on and off the reel. Analysis showed that the creature was female and pregnant, which helped account for its great size and weight. The catch was later featured on Crowin’s show about ocean mysteries that was broadcast on US television. The Mae Klong River seems to produce a number of large fish … A huge stingray weighing more than 750 pounds was caught there in 2009.
#7 Crazy Kayak Catch
An angler named Joel Abrahamsson managed to reel in a greenland shark more than 13 feet long … from a kayak! It happened in 2014 off the coast of Norway. The fisherman said he bulked up for the struggle by practicing at a local lake by reeling in concrete blocks that weighed some 60 pounds each. He needed that training, because he struggled with the greenland shark for around an hour and a half … as he was strapped into a harness that was attached to his fishing rod in the vessel. After finally capturing the beast, its weight was calculated by researchers at 1,247 pounds that was nearly three times the weight of the old record. But here’s the thing … while it is a world record, it’s considered to be an unofficial one … since the animal’s weight was never recorded on a certified scale. That was actually a conscious decision by Abrahamsson and his crew. Greenland sharks are protected from commercial fishing, and such a procedure might have killed the animal. The shark was later released unharmed back to the freezing waters.

#6 Controversial Catch
Joe Waldis is a pensioner who landed a bluntnose sixgill shark that measured over 12 feet long and weighed 1,056 pounds … making it the largest fish ever caught in the British Isles using rod and line. Its size made it too big to haul into his boat in the waters of South-West Ireland … so Mr Waldis had the shark towed to an estuary (ess-choo-wary). From there it was carried by a forklift where it was weighed at a local quarry. The record catch engendered some controversy, though. The animal had to be killed before it was taken ashore, which was deemed necessary in order to officially verify the record. And that prompted many conservationists in the local fishing community to argue the creature should have been kept alive and released back to the sea. What do you think?
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