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Опубликовано: 2019-12-22
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10 WEIRD THINGS CAUGHT ON SECURITY CAMERAS & CCTV Sometimes it seems like surveillance cameras are everywhere, they are often the last word in criminal cases and they can help protect the innocent, then again sometimes they feel like a bit of an invasion of privacy. Regardless of your feelings on CCTV one thing is for certain, every once in a while they catch something truly unforgettable, today we are looking at 10 weird things caught on security cameras and CCTV
10. Valentines Day Boom
Valentine's day is supposed to be a time for romance, flowers, and chocolate but CCTV Cameras were rolling along the beautiful Chao Praya river walkways on Valentine's day in 2016, when it became the scene of a phenomenal incident that shook Bangkok. Just before 6:30 am a container ship named Xetha Bhum, collides with the pathway, slowly devouring everything it touches. While an effort was immediately undertaken to repair the area the crash left quite a destructive aftermath in its wake - but it also left us with this unbelievable video footage.

9. Glass Act
This CCTV footage was captured on March 31st, 2013. In a mall in Perth, Australia we see a would-be thief clutching an expensive handbag as he fleas from the scene, perhaps he had intended to sell the purse to get money for glasses because he completely misses the automatic door and collides full speed with a large pane of commercial glass...in other words a very solid window. The man is immediately knocked unconscious and collapses to the ground, still clutching the bag. At first, several bystanders come to his aid not realizing that he was in fact fleeing the scene, after a little while the situation becomes clear and a large burly man restrains him until police arrive. Needless to say, he remained pretty dazed and it was fairly easy for police to restrain him despite his weak objections.

8. Alaskan Lawyer Mystery
Back in 2018, a woman named Nicole was working alone at a law office one evening when a man dressed in all black appears in the window were he stands for a short time before entering the office, once inside he talks to Nicole after a few moments she pulls out a gun that the firm keeps for protection, a common practice in the area, but suddenly the man in black gestures with his hand and Nicole appears to robotically turn and lay the gun down on the counter, the man then instructs her to retrieve a camera from her purse and she complys, taking the camera and following the mysterious man out of the building. When other employees returned the next day they found her purse left behind, the gun on the counter, and the doors unlocked - Nicole had simply walked away at the instruction of this stranger.
As it turns out Nicole would resurface later in the week with an incredible story, she recounted being taken to a plain room where people seemed to communicate via telepathy and where she was rendered completely motionless. Her captures questioned her about a camping trip she had been on recently, during an early morning hike Nicole had come across a cave with stalactites dangling from the ceiling, Nicole took a bunch of photographs and it was this experience that the men wanted to know about. After telling them everything she could they injected her with a shot that, according to them, would wipe out her memory but when she woke she had perfect recollection of the entire thing. She later discussed the encounter in detail over the course of an hour long interview with Apex TV. Either Nicole is one devoted liar with nothing to gain, or this strange video chronicles a real life case of high level intelligence activity.

7. Unwelcome Roommate
Joe Cummings and his girlfriend were a fun loving young couple who had a penchant for playing practical jokes on each other, so one day when food started mysteriously vanishing, Joe asked his girlfriend if she was behind it but she swore that she wasn’t.

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