10 Strangest Endings in Games Never Meant to Be Found

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Опубликовано: 2020-06-26
Продолжительность: 15:20
Sometimes we come across an ending in a video that makes you think, wait was that how it was supposed to end? Only to find out, it wasn't. This is why today we’re diving into the top strangest video game endings players were never meant to find. ~Games Featured ~ (SPOILERS)
Tomb Raider Underworld
Hitman: Blood Money
Dead Rising 3
Blade Runner
Persona 5
Disgaea 2
The Stanley Parable
Metal Gear Solid V

~ Clips and References ~ (SPOILERS)
Tomb Raider Underworld - Cut Ending
Dead Rising 3 - Ending X
Blade Runner - Lost Human Dektora Ending
Persona 5 - Ideal World Love Ending
Disgaea 2 - Cut Ending
Bully - Cut Chemical Plant Ending
Wandersong - Sequence Break Ending
The Stanley Parable - Unfound Ending
Metal Gear Solid V - Unachieved Ending
As always any clips not listed above are exclusive to this video.

Thumbnail artwork by Goiaba.

Special thanks to Cassandra Lipp, Evan Hill, ThrowingOutRox, and SeraHawl for their contributions to this video.