10 Shocking Fishing Moments Caught On Camera!

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Опубликовано: 2020-08-09
Продолжительность: 10:24
10 Shocking Fishing Moments Caught On Camera!
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10 Shocking Fishing Moments Caught On Camera!
10 Shocking Fishing Moments
Caught On Camera
Being in the great outdoors can pose a lot of risk. Especially when you’re fishing and so close to the
water. The marine world is packed full with all sorts of crazy, unexpected creatures that could easily turn
a nice day of fishing into a shocking and unforgettable experience. Sharks, snakes, killer fish, you name
This is 100M, and today, we are going to show ten shocking fishing moments caught on camera. Make
sure you stick around to the very end to see how ignoring advice and common sense almost cost this
man his life. Let’s go a-fishing!
#10 Sewer Fishing
How crazy can fishing get? This kid in Katy, Texas, will be able to tell you all about crazy and unusual
fishing. This teenager named Kyle Naegeli discovered one of the oddest fishing holes you could ever
possibly think of; a sewer. Kyle did his sewer fishing just on the sidewalk near his house. How?
16-year-old Kyle would bait a fishing hook, as you do, and put it through a hole in the manhole cover
that covers the storm or sewer drainage, whatever you want to call it.
He would attach a cork to the line to prevent the line from falling in and now, get this...after waiting for
a bit, he would actually catch fish. A rather shocking thing but thinking about it, made a lot of sense. The
storm drains in the town emptied into a nearby pond. Often, the fish would swim up the sewer system
which in turn created an unexpected fishing hole. Kyle claimed that he did not eat the fish but, in fact,
he just put them back in the water and let them return home. How sweet of Kyle.
#9 Carp Attack

A couple of guys went out in the water to catch some fish. Obviously, that’s how it’s done so what’s so
shocking about this? You just hang on. These guys were on the water for quite a bit and honestly, they
got tired of waiting around. Not a single catch for the hours they had been out there in their boat so
they decided they would head back to land.

As their engine revved up to life and they start zooming out of the water, something insane happened. It
was like all of a sudden, the fish in the water were intoxicated on something. They started jumping,
literally, out of the water, and many of them landed directly in the boat. It was like the fish were doing
their work for them by launching themselves into the boat. Imagine the surprise on these guys’ faces.
Scientists have actually explained this phenomenon. The carps are actually not trying to be aggressive in
any way. It turns out that the sound and vibration of the boat engines frighten them so much that they
start to jump. Kind of put things in perspective doesn’t it?
#8 Lungfish Fishing
The African Lungfish is one of the most amazing types of fish you could ever possibly encounter. These
creatures are amazing because unlike hundreds of other fish out there, they are amphibious. This means
that they can survive on land and in water. The kind of climate that South Africa experiences can
sometimes get so hot that small water bodies end up drying up.
While other fish in the water bodies die out in such conditions, the lungfish have no problem adapting.
However, being exposed like that is a doorway for predators and the harsh sun to catch and kill them. A
couple of fishermen targeted this dried-up water body in hopes of catching some lungfish but these fish
are rather brilliant. They would sink into the mud and bury themselves there with the help of a mucus-
like substance that oozes out of their bodies. Since they can breathe just fine, they stay there until the
water comes back, feeding on their own muscle tissue for nutrients.
They can stay hidden in the mud for up to four years and these opportunistic fishermen could try to lure
them out with bait on a stick shoved into the mud. Most times, they successfully lure out these hiding
fish. So, if you ever want to go fishing for these African lungfish, all you might need are a stick and some
bait shoved into the mud. Easy peasy.
#7 Piranha Frenzy

If you have seen the 2012 horror movie, “Piranha 3DD” or even the earlier 70s and 80s versions, then
you know that the word Piranha is often associated with death and blood and gore and you get the idea.
Although those movies did overdo it with the effects and the whole killer piranha shindig, they were not
so far from the truth.
This man was fishing in the Amazon River and lowered live bait into the water. In only a few seconds, a
piranha feeding frenzy began. The word “frenzy” obviously doesn’t mean anything good but with these
fish, the word takes on a whole different meaning.