10 Scariest Crocodile Attacks Caught On Camera

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Опубликовано: 2021-05-03
Продолжительность: 09:50
One of the most resilient creatures in the animal world are crocodiles who have been roughly the same since they evolved 200 million years ago. The secret to survival? Their sharp jaws, of course. Sometimes these jaws, break arms, sometimes they get hold of a human head. These reptiles are so strong and scary that they can scare away a whole pack of wildebeest by one appearance!
Here are the 10 Scariest Crocodile Attacks Caught On Camera!
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Overconfident Zookeeper

Crocodile shows seem like a fun thing to attend, but not when you’re the zookeeper. Take this incident, for example. A zookeeper in Thailand was performing a trick of the masses but putting his own head into the croc’s mouth. Usually, he’d do this trick by putting two sticks into there, but this time he decided to put only one stick since he was feeling more daring than usual.

But things went wrong, very wrong. As soon as he put his head into the crocodile’s mouth, it snapped shut! And that’s not all. The beast then thrashed around with his head in its mouth. Crocodiles are very moody animals and one of the most unpredictable ones, too. Just sitting near one is daring enough, but doing tricks such as this one is pure foolishness. There were no further details about the condition of the zookeeper, unfortunately.

Crocodile And Man In A Death Roll

Crocodile shows seem to be quite popular in Thailand since this incident also takes place there. Summit Thongkhammuan was a croc trainer, but it was not his lucky day. At first, he kept teasing the open-jawed crocodile as the crowd watched on. Then he got on one knee and put his hand inside his mouth. The plot twist? There was no stick like last time!

Thongkham Man was trying to prove that the crocodile was obedient enough to not bite. However, this would soon prove to be a very disastrous move. Not two seconds later after putting his hand in the reptile’s mouth, it snapped shut on the trainer's arm and held on extremely tightly with its sharp jaws. Then it started rolling around like it would in the wild. This move is actually called the death roll and is used by crocodiles to drown their prey. Poor Sumet’s arm was completely broken, but he said that at least he was lucky to be alive
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