10 Hours Sleep Music, Black Screen, Relax and Sleep

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Опубликовано: 2018-12-31
Продолжительность: 10:25:02
10 Hours Sleep Music, Black Screen, Relax and Sleep.
Crystal Relaxation Music is professional instrumental channel. We produce various kinds of therapy music to help you with your daily activities. All our music are produced to meet your need with high end equipments and live recordings as required. We create meditation (Zen, Reiki, Transcendental, Tibetan and open eye meditation), sleep, relaxation, calming, lucid dream, detachment, subconscious positivity and related music. All these music are soothing sounds with no heavy weight to brain. These music usually helps to reduce you heart rate, blood flow which calm your mind and body.

Our music are good for every kind of age groups. Since, we do only use soft instruments such as Piano, Guitar, Flute etc to get out your feelings, there is no language barrier. All our videos are created with similar interests which means you will have more benefit to create your own kind of surrounding.

Our Major music genres are:
■ Deep Sleep Music, Sleep Meditation, Stress Free Sleep
Our music are usually composed on soft instruments and creates vibes which can relax your mind and body. We give special treatment to binaural (delta and theta waves) beats inside our soothing music which hits your brainwaves to get relaxed.

■ Meditation Music
We create meditation music which are applicable for almost all kinds of meditation. Our music helps you with your style of meditaiton either it be Zen meditation, Reiki Meditation, Transcendental meditation or your own development. Our music soothes and focuses you on your meditation process without alerting you. Our music creates a peaceful environment around you and help you focus on your meditation.
Along with only meditating, it also helps you cleansing yourself for positivity. As we say about third eye opening, it helps you with every steps of your meditation.

■ Concentration, Focus Music
Either you are working or studying? Our music will help you to concentrate. Our binaural beats usually create a frequency which helps you to focus on studying or working. It doesn't have any kind of immediate changes which can distract you.

■ Lucid Dreams, Dreamscape
Along with deep sleep, our music also helps you to get lucid dreams. Lucid dreams are important for self confidence and keeping your mind in right track. Our binaural beats (theta waves, delta waves) used in the music will help you achieve those lucid dreams. You can create your own landscape and be whatever you want in your own world. This helps you to get your subconscious thoughts into your conscious mind.

► At any place
Anyone can play our music anywhere without disturbing others. If you own cafes, fast food, massage parlor, spa or any other place where people come to relax a bit, you can play our music for peaceful environment.

■ Natural Sounds
We make use of natural sounds such as thunder, rain, wind, birds chirping, jungle. These sounds make you feel better and help you get attached with mother nature.

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