10 Confusing Famous Movie Endings Finally EXPLAINED

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Опубликовано: 2016-06-15
Продолжительность: 09:27
Here are 10 movie ending explanations that change everything! Movies often end on cliffhangers or by hinting towards things to come, but sometimes those endings can be quite dense and confusing for audiences. Examples are particularly prominent in - although not exclusive to - the world of comic book movies, because the endings will often hint towards new characters from the comic books that mainstream movie audiences might not be familiar with.Of course, these days, movies don't necessarily "end" at the point that they're traditionally supposed to. Back in the day, a movie would end and the rolling of the credits would be the cue for audiences to stop watching, but mid and post-credits scenes are extremely common these days - and these scenes can often explain (or at least hint towards) the future of the franchise in question.In this video, we'll take a look at ten movies that ended in a way that suggested "something" was going to happen in the future - whether it be in a credits scene or otherwise - and we'll explain exactly what that "something" is going to be. Please note that there will be some spoilers for a number of movies released in 2016.

Script by: Kevin Stewart
Captain America: Civil War | 0:45
Inception | 1:34
The Thing | 2:02
X-Men: Apocalypse | 2:45
Birdman | 3:38
Total Recall | 4:25
Guardians Of The Galaxy | 5:22
The Matrix Revolutions | 6:19
Batman V Superman | 7:22
Deadpool | 8:17
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