1 Hour of Dark Music | Magic / Vampiric / Orchestral

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Опубликовано: 2016-02-08
Продолжительность: 59:40
Here is my Album "The Edge Of Darkness" in full (Tracklist Below) Higher quality Versions on Albums available at iTunes & Amazon
Album Release - The Edge of Darkness © All Rights Reserved
All music Composed and Produced by Peter Gundry
Amazing photography by JOBI OTSO
Model - Natalie Lavender

00:00-01:49 Exiles Garden
01:50-04:57 The Vampire Masquerade
04:58-09:00 Salem's Secret
09:01-13:24 Forever You Said
13:25-17:25 Natures Altar
17:26-21:56 A Blackened Heart
21:57-24:43 A Vampire's Heart
24:44-29:15 The Awakening
29:16-31:59 Till Death Do Us Part
32:00-36:03 Forever and Never
36:04-40:09 When Darkness Spoke
40:10-44:07 Life's Divide
44:08-46:31 The Fire Dancer
46:32-49:49 Forever She Waits
49:50-54:04 Night of the Damned
54:05-59:40 The Last of their Kind (New Album Preview)

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