*1 HOUR* Best of Mercuri_88 Tiktok videos - Funny Manuel Mercuri Tik Toks 2021| Mercury 88 tiktok

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Опубликовано: 2021-06-19
Продолжительность: 59:56
This is a Compilation with the funniest Tik Tok Videos of mercuri_88 . Manuel Mercuri is a Famous TIK Toker ,Actor italian .
He makes funny videos ,Includes funny jokes and real life situations we've all faced at one time and they are hilarious.
On this video you will see mercuri 88 tiktok funny videos like : what happen when mom see you eating cookies and make the house dirty ,what happened when you mess with your big brother , what happened when you dont want to eat spinach , what happened when you disturbs the parents , little brother vs big brother , when you are doing tiktok and your dad come and enjoy it , little brother sharing love at home , when you want to play with phone but your mom dont let you , when you want to go to McDonald’s but mom dont let you , when the thief come in house what happened ???.....
Hope You enjoy watching Mercuri_88 tiktoks ...
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