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Опубликовано: 2020-05-30
Продолжительность: 1:47:07
#ЛучшаяМузыка2020 #ЗарубежныепесниХиты Rate : 16+
♦ ХИТЫ 2020🔝ЛУЧШИЕ ПЕСНИ 2020🎵НОВИНКИ МУЗЫКИ 2020🔥РУССКАЯ МУЗЫКА 2020🔊Самые Популярные Песни 2020
Tracklist :
05:30 Jay Sean - Maybe (Deepjack & Mr.Nu Radio Edit)
10:04 Johny Luv - Forever (Original Mix)
12:13 Mario Winans - I Don't Wanna Know (Bentley Grey Remix)
15:36 Da Buzz - Still Miss You (Mr. DJ MONJ Remix) [Video Edit]
18:55 SVET - Somebody (Original Mix) [Extra Sound Recordings]_ OUT NOW!
25:52 Andre Rizo - Kiss Me (feat. Lola Jane)
30:20 Viva La Panda - Cool Feat. Ess Bogale
32:49 Viva La Panda - Amaze [ChillYourMind Release]
35:43 Panuma x Pillows - Ghosts (ChillYourMind Release)
38:30 Lady Ocean - You (Original Mix)
42:14 Dj Goja - For You (Official Single)
45:30 SVET - Music [Extra Sound Recordings] [Exclusive Premiere]
49:30 Sidejoke - Dark Sides [ChillYourMind Release]
51:58 Nico Filippe - Where
54:38 PROVI - Walls (Feat. Hannah Young) [ChillYourMind Release]
57:49 Alexander Hristov - The Most (Original Mix) [Extra Sound Recordings]
1:01:14 Panuma x Pillows - Ghosts (ChillYourMind Release)
1:04:02 Chacon - Wind (Original Mix)
1:07:42 Ocie Elliott - I Got You, Honey (Niklas Thal Remix)
1:10:38 Haid Kpaquira - Everglow (Official Music Video)
1:14:03 Mellen Gi & Monestro - Save Me (Original Mix)
1:16:15 Nora Van Elken - Don't Worry Be Happy (Lyric Video)
1:18:48 Nora Van Elken - Borneo
1:21:37 Nora Van Elken - Needed You [feat.Trove] (MC4D Remix)
1:24:44 ilkan Gunuc & Tanner C - Pearl (Extended)
1:36:40 Nora Van Elken - Rwanda
1:40:04 Ilkan Gunuc - Only You (Melih Aydogan Remix)
1:43:38 Yusufcan Yanık - Fresh Summer (Original Mix)

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"🌿 Video By: Gavin Beals
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