Сыпь, гармоника! Есенин / Jazz, Harmonika! Esenin (subs by V. Chetin)

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Опубликовано: 2009-08-26
Продолжительность: 01:39
Jazz harmonika! Boredom... Boredom... Fingers, strewn up and down in streams.
Drink it with me! Drink down, you bitch, rotten!
Drink with me!

You've been loved at full stretch and worn all o'er,
Drives me mad!
Off with staring at me with your deep blue globs!
Feel like getting bashed?

Wish you stuck in a field as a spectacle
To scare crows.
You have tired me out in all respects
Up to the bones.

Jazz harmonika! Jazz up, my hastily!
Drink down, sea-ape!
I would rather have yon, big-titted one -
She's more inane.

As a woman, you're not the first with me,
Lots of your kind.
But a stinker like yourself has been for me
But the first time.

The more painful, the better
Now here, now there.
I am not a self-murderer,
Be off to hell!

About time to cool down to
Your doggish kin.
I am crying... my darling...
Forgive me... Forgive...